With the weather getting warmer and students heading for summer break, maybe they're looking for more outdoor activities or to keep their brains active! Look no further; here are ten fun activities to do with your kids.

1. Go swimming

Now is a great time to grab those floats and get into the pool! There may be a water sports center, community pool or beach near you. If you don't have a pool nearby or are nervous about other people, you can also buy a smaller pool to fit your yard.

2. Zoo

Your kids will love seeing the animals they learn in kindergarten and school! The zoo near me has one day off every month. Check with you if special offers can help you get a good price.

3. Science Center

The Science Center is a great learning environment to get your kids excited about everything from electricity to anatomy to astronomy. Great way to keep the brains of older kids active.

4. Hiking/walking

Depending on your child's age, you can walk on the park or nearby trails. If you have young children, you can mount a buggy on the bike to pull them inside. You can even collect stones at this point to use on number 6!

5. Table water/sensor technology

This is a great option for those who don't have a swimming pool nearby! There are many fun activities you can do on the water table or sensor stand. There are many good examples online to help you understand this idea.

6. Markers

Maybe your kids will be happy to accompany you on this scavenger hunt. First you need to collect some stones. Then you can draw them! Older kids may enjoy taking them back to where they found them, for others to find and enjoy.

7. Playground

It may seem simple, but playgrounds are one of my kids' favorite summer activities! They even have a splash pad next to it to cool off after he's done playing.

8. LEGO bricks

Larger LEGO bricks are suitable for younger children, and smaller LEGO bricks are suitable for older children. For younger kids, Lego blocks really help with physical and mental development, while for older kids, it's more of a mental challenge.

9. Claws

Put your kids in a chair and teach them how to bake cookies, chocolate cakes and even cupcakes! Then enjoy them with a big glass of milk.

10. Gardening

Planting some simple plants around the house can be a great way to teach responsibility and care! You can teach them to water the plant every day and watch it grow.

These are just some of the ways to have a great summer! Give it a try and let us know which one you like best!