5 Low-Maintenance Fashion Tips for a Stress-Free and Stylish Fall


There’s something so magical about the fall, the cool air, falling leaves, cosy nights, and of course, the fall fashion. Every year there’s a new batch of exciting and chic styles that roll in, and this year is no different. However, no matter how good they look, some styles aren’t particularly practical as the weather changes. So here are five tips for looking great and feeling great this fall.

Utilise layers


First things first, you need to stay warm. Luckily, layering (particularly with hoodies and blazers) and oversized items like jackets, tanks and jeans are all in fashion this season; making it easy to slip in some extra warm layers of clothes. For outerwear, you may want to go for a bomber or leather jacket, and even faux fur has made a warm comeback this year (although may not be as suitable for the rain). Straight-leg and skinny-leg jeans are in fashion right now, but I would recommend staying away from their low-slung counterparts as no one likes a breeze on their lower back.


Wear it around the house first


This is such a mom piece of advice but truly, in a season of crocheted sets, bedazzled shirts and vests with nothing underneath, you want to make sure you’re comfortable before you leave the house. You don’t want to get to where you’re going only to discover just how itchy wool is for the first time, or that you can’t eat a meal without a safety pin poking into your stomach.


Watch your fabrics


As vintage, second-hand, homemade and knitted items become more and more popular (as they should!), we do open ourselves up to some nasty surprises with new fabrics we haven’t encountered before. Wool, satin, crushed velvet and other fabrics are delicate and can be prone to damage easily, especially when you’re not used to caring for them. That’s not to say not to get them, just read up on what you’ve got, and avoid dryers, the rain and hiking while you have them.

Choose pieces wisely


With maximalism making a name for itself with multi-color outfits, big patterns and clashing designs; it can be tempting to go crazy buying pieces to match. One of every color, design and size seems like a good idea. But it’s important to prioritise your wallet, your space and the planet before you go on another spree. A few favourite pieces can be alternated between each other for so many looks, and second-hand and vintage clothes are also a low-cost, sustainable and very unique option as well.


Homemade items


Now if you’ve made clothes and you are really proud of them (which you should be), it can be so tempting to wear them everywhere you go. But there are some considerations to keep in mind before wearing them out. For example; what happens if it breaks, if I sweat a lot, if I get caught in the rain? I would recommend testing out any handmade clothing just to cover yourself (pardon the pun).