The 2023 Eyebrow Trends Deliver Options for Everyone


When it comes to eyebrows, it was not that far along when the brows did not even make it in the makeup and beauty routine. Today, brows are an important part of the beauty and makeup routine, and their look and shape greatly refer to the entire makeup look. Throughout makeup history, as well as the changing fashion trends, the brows and the makeup look did change. Each new season comes with a new set of makeup trends, and brows are a big part of it.

This 2023, there are new trends concerning brows and their look. The last several seasons have seen a lot of different trends concerning brows. There were bleached brows, glitter brows, laminated eyebrows, etc. but what does 2023 carry for the eyebrows and the trends?

Here is everything you need to know about the brows and the styles for this 2023.

Brow shape trends

The brow trends concerning the last two decades put the focus on arched brows. These brow shapes provide a lifting effect on the face, by delivering a result making the eyes look foxy. For 2023, the shape in trend is the straight-across brow. This is a widely popular trend, and even microblading requests are made in this direction. The result of this trend is a look that opens the eyes.

Another trend, that is not particularly a trend but more a suggestion is not to follow the trends blindly. Especially for the brows, it is important to decide on a shape that will flatter the eye and the face, rather than go for something that is currently trending.

Brow color trends

Although the bleached brow was a huge trend, it never become a reality among real people. It was an avant-garde style, a cool look that was great for the runways and shows, but never for those looking for a day-to-day makeup look. For those who are looking for something lighter for their brows, the best option is to use brow pencils and gels in different colors which will create an optical illusion. If the eyebrows are darker than the hair, then, they will become a point of attraction to the look. If they are lighter than the hair or the same color, then the eyes will stand out.

Trending brow treatments

One of the most popular brow treatments is brow lamination, which will continue to be popular in 2023 too. This treatment lifts, separates, and makes the brows and their care look more manageable, by delivering a fuller and more youthful appearance. Another highly demanded treatment is microblading, which comes close to tattooing and delivers a fuller look to the brows. Of course, the natural look of the brows, the so-called undone look of the brows is something that does not go out of style.