Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to the good and healthy look of the skin. It is a favorite choice for serums and moisturizers, but it can also come in supplement form. Lately, there is a big trend of putting hyaluronic acid supplements in smoothies. For all those who are willing to learn more about this trend and whether it is effective or not, here is everything you need to know about ingesting hyaluronic acid.

Why hyaluronic acid?        

Hyaluronic acid is a sugary carbohydrate. Its purpose is to structure and plump the skin. Its main purpose is to hold onto moisture. The human body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, and except in the skin, it can be found in the connective tissues, eyes, and joints. The natural process of aging makes the level of HA lower and lower, which makes the skin drier and more prone to wrinkles. That is why HA is one of the best anti-aging ingredients and a necessary part of all skincare routines.

Hyaluronic Acid in Ingestible form

Ingesting HA is a great alternative so that a person can take advantage of its hydrating benefits. And all of that without the topical application of any products. However, it is worth mentioning that ingesting HA comes down to absorption and digestion. That means that it does not directly go to the skin and it will not instantly make it look bouncier and glowier. When the HA is ingested, the body is tricked to think that there is more HA production happening. Just like the antioxidants, it is believed and proven to a certain level that the ingested HA is helpful in achieving a better look and condition of the skin.

Ingesting HA is safe and can be consumed as a skincare supplement. There is no doubt that HA naturally occurs in our bodies and is of course used in facial fillers. The latest studies have shown that the oral intake of hyaluronic acid leads to a significant and visible increase in skin hydration and elasticity. Another big point to mention is the significant decrease in the roughness of the skin as well as the depth of the wrinkles.

Although studies about ingesting HA are constantly done, there is still no final answer on the dosage. The market research has shown that the ingestible options currently present have an inconsistent amount of HA. There are even some brands that do not even disclose the dosages per serving.

The verdict

From a medical and dermatological point of view, supplements always come in second place, while the natural intake is always the best option. Although this might be true, the intake of HA is definitely something that will boost and support the body's natural production. Of course, for visible and great results, the intake of HA should be consistent, as well as the use of topical HA application through different skincare products.