These are the Sneaker Trends That Will Be in 2023


No matter how much you love wearing heels, how elegant they look to the outfit, boots, ankle boots, and all the other footwear, the one and only number one footwear will always be the sneakers. The comfort, style, coziness, and looks that sneakers provide make them the most adored type of footwear between men and women. For women, fashion has gone even further into creating sneakers that will be suitable even for the office. But, not all jobs allow wearing sneakers at work so a majority f women will have to get satisfied by wearing them only on casual Fridays or outside work.

Through the seasons, the trends regarding sneakers constantly change. New shapes and styles are always entering the market, but what is particularly interesting is that as long as the sneakers are in play, all the styles are in. surely, there are the ones that are trendier than the others. And for 2023, we have composed a list of the trendiest style that you can get your hands on 2023. Take a look!

Hiker shapes

From the moment they appeared on the fashion scene as a variation of the trendy sneakers, the hiker sneakers have become one of the most favorite street-style additions. The hiking shape is very interesting since it allows different ways of exploring the fashion style. They go great with different outfits, and above all, they provide protection, style, and comfort.


Retro soccer shapes

The retro soccer shapes of the sneakers have been and remain to be one of the most popular styles today. No matter if they are styled in casual gym looks, or part of a night-out outfit, they are definitely a type that you need to have this year in your shoe closet.



What is great about footwear fashion today is that you can easily find your favorite classic, or at least some similar version of it whenever you feel like wearing them. The 2023 shoe trends surely suggest having at least one pair of classics. Whether that will be Stan Smiths, Air Force 1s, or something else, it is entirely up to you.

Sporty runners

Sporty runners are another popular sneakers trends worth considering this 2023. styling them with smart pants and a white shirt is a look that is It-girls inspired and that will definitely make you look stylish and fashionable. These are the type of shoes that have a serious sporty vibe and add a bit of nonchalance to the look.


80s high tops

High-top sneakers have made a comeback on the sneakers scene. Obviously, they style great will all the sports garments and event sports gear, but what makes them even more popular and dominant is their presence in more casual looks. For example, one great fashion option is to style the high-top sneaker with an oversized leather coat and wide-leg denim. Another great look can be achieved by pairing them with baby doll dresses.