One of the biggest beauty trends that have dominated the last decade put a spotlight on brows. If you take a look back at how the brow trends developed and evolved, there is quite a change. First, the brows were very sculpted, then came the fluffy brows. After that, the thin brows made a comeback inspired by the '90s, and now, the bleached brows are a hit. Although the brow trends will continue to change, one thing that has remained constant is microblading. As a treatment, microblading has been an approach that many are using since it delivers more defined brows and an almost permanent look. However, microblading is surely not for everyone. For those who want a semi-permanent solution and a more subtle look to their brows compared to the microblading, than, the new trend to consider is Nano brows.

For those who are not familiar with the term Nano Bros, the simplest definition is that is an alternative to microblading and it offers more precision for those who have full, sparse, and everything in between brows. Here is everything you need to know about the Nano brows trend.

What are Nano brows?

Nano brows come from the application of nanoblading pigment on the skin. it comes behind the brows, fills the little gaps, and visually improves the appearance of the brow by providing a two-dimensional look. As a treatment, it also improves the shape of the brows. For those who are looking for a more natural look, Nano brows are a better option than microblading.

How to prepare for Nanoblading?

Nanoblading is similar to microblading, which means is a kind of tattoo. That means that the preparation process comes a week in advance. It is suggested not to wax, tweeze or shave the brows. Don’t use any blood thinners like aspirin or fish supplements, lower the use of caffeine, alcohol, and skincare products that might include retinol which might lead to irritation.

The process

Nanoblading uses a softer needle than the one in microblading. The treatment can last from two to five hours, depending on the final and desired look. the type of the skin also plays a great role in the duration of the treatment and well the experience level the technician has.

What about aftercare?

Immediately after the treatment, the brows will be bandaged, as they will feel sore or maybe inflamed. At first, there is a possibility that the brows might appear darker than imagined, but they will light with time. It is important to have follow-up appointments so that you can achieve the best result. Post-procedure maintenance includes bloating the treated area with antiseptic wipes. For the first 5 days after the treatment, it is highly suggested to avoid cleansers, makeup, water, lotion, soap, going into saunas, physical activities that cause sweating, and so on.

The final result

For the full result of the Nano brows, it will take around 1 month for which the skin will go through its natural healing process.