An old saying goes, "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.". Well, that certainly applies to using Ozempic for quick weight loss. Ozempic is a diabetes medication that has become popular lately since it was promoted on social media for rapid weight loss. The buzz and fuss about Ozempic began in Holywood as rumors that some celebrities were taking it. Today, this medication became viral because it started to show its side effect – an aged appearance of the face, also known as Ozempic face. 

The look of Ozempic face can be described as sagging skin that looks tired, and it causes a rapid deflation of the facial structure from losing weight. Here is everything you need to know about Ozempic face. 

How does Ozempic work?

Ozempic is a semaglutide. It balances the glucose in the body by helping the pancreas produce more insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. The insulin effect occurs in a glucose-dependent fashion. So that means that if the blood sugars are normal, the semaglutide will not trigger pancreatic insulin release. It can suppress hunger and fullness, leading to losing weight. 

Why does Ozempic cause aging in the face?

The so-called Ozempic face comes from how specific human bodies respond to rapid weight loss. That means that the skin does not have enough time to adjust. Since Ozempic suppresses hunger, the body gets less protein, which can also lead to loss of facial volume. Dehydration can also make the skin sag and wrinkle, which is also connected to this drug. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the person's age. Age can make a person prone to Ozempic face. Those in their mid-life, perimenopause, or menopause who experience a fall in estrogen level are more prone to the risk of sagging skin. Smokers, too, belong to this group. 

Can you reverse Ozempic face?

The Ozempic face can be reversed, meaning putting on some weight will restore the volume. However, the wrinkles and the fine lines that have appeared can be challenging to erase, requiring fillers to fill them in. 

How to prevent Ozempic face?

The best way to prevent the appearance of Ozempic face is to go for a weight loss approach that will be gradual. Professionals say losing one to two pounds a week is the best number. Also, the increase in protein intake while losing weight and increasing the exercises will fill in the gaps that the fat loss creates through the process. 

While there is still a lot of buzz and fuss about why you should not use this drug and medication for weight loss, this drug is not dangerous and is intended to improve the quality of life of those with diabetes and clinical obesity.