Shorts are a Big Spring Trend and Here is How to Wear Them


Fashion always draws its inspiration from fashion history and the past times. For example, one notable moment in the fashion industry is the 20th-century cinematic fashion moments, and they were so iconic that even today, they provide excellent outfit inspiration. The Bermuda shorts trend, which is currently very dominant, comes from that time. 

The Bermuda shorts trend today is a reflection of the fashion of the past trends. The Bermuda shorts and the blazer styles date back to the 70s safari vibes, which continue to the 80s power suits and the 90s rich lady style. So, shorts are a big fashion trend, and here is how to wear them starting now. 


Printed bermudas and shorts are the most exciting and stylish way to wear this fashion piece. The colorfulness of any print is more than enough to deliver an original style and look. There are many different prints on the market, but the tie-dye option will look great this season. Pair such shorts with a monochromatic, simple, and basic tank top, and you will have a tremendous laid-back fashion style. 

Eye-catching pastels

Pastels are lovely for the spring season and provide great head-to-toe outfits. A fabulous spring outfit is one including pastel Bermuda shorts. Styling it with a fitted top or even a blazer in the same color that will deliver a stylish and polished look is a fashionable way to flaunt this incredible trend. 

Daily denim

The majority of women, when asked what their first thought of shorts or bermudas is, it is the denim ones. And that comes from the history of shorts, which have come in a denim form for a long time. For modern-day fashionistas, a denim Bermuda styled with a cropped top is a look that will turn heads. The simplicity yet the heaviness of the fabric delivers an outfit that is unmatchable in fashionability and ready for the streets. 

Leather shorts

Leather is one of the leading trends this season. Although it comes in many different options today, concerning the eco-friendly approach, lather shorts or bermudas are a trend that should be noticed. A leather button-down shirt with a leather Bermuda will give a look that can be considered transitional. Add a tank top under the sweater, creating an excellent base for this ultra-modern outfit. 

Highlighter hues

For those looking for a sure way to stand out in a crowd, picking shorts or Bermuda in highlighter colors is a no-miss choice. These bright and vibrant colors are easy to style with other more basic pieces in your closet. For example, deep green, citrus yellow, and punchy pink will deliver electric and colorful looks. 

If bermudas were off your shopping list, you would be inspired to add them.