How to Nail Pink Eye Makeup Like a Pro


Makeup trends are constantly changing. Whether that is something inspired by the fashion week and runways or comes from a celebrity wearing a particular look, there is always something interesting for those willing to explore. Lately, the focus predominantly falls on eye makeup. That comes as a result of the pandemic, makeup when wearing masks was obligatory, and the only face part that could be visible and suitable for makeup was the eyes. 

Since then, there have been many different and changing eye makeup trends. From glittery eyeliner to colorful lids, most trends delivered varied options suitable for different eye shapes. One eye makeup trend that is constantly present is pink eye shadow. What is interesting about this makeup trend is that it is colorful and stylish, but most women are pretty scared of its look, and that is because the pink shade might sound intimidating. 

For those looking to introduce pink eyeshadow into your makeup, here are some suggestions on how to do that like a pro. 


Barely there

For all those who want minimalism in their makeup, this is a perfect option to flaunt the pink eyeshadow. The pink lids are an excellent option for introducing some varsity and colorfulness. Moreover, the minimal approach to the technique makes the makeup look even more fantastic. Use a light pink blush that you will apply on both your eyes and cheeks. This natural and stylish look is great for both day and night. 

Negative space

Another great look comes from creating a negative space on your lids. And that can be achieved with electric pink eyeliner. Draw bold lines comfortably, resulting in an original makeup look. 

Neon pink

Neon pink eyeshadow is one of the most appealing and bold moves when using pink eyeshadow. Baby pink and pastel pink are indeed soft and feminine options, but this is the one that leaves an impression. Bright neon pink over the lids will deliver an extraordinary look. It is also an excellent option for a night out or a date.

Lavender pink

Soft lavender and pink eyeshadow can work together extraordinarily by providing a flawless makeup look. This look will deliver a whimsical style, a romantic, soft, and stylish way to wear your pink on the lids. 

Baby coral 

Those who do not fancy bright pink eyeshadows can try coral eyeshadow. The coral eyeshadow has orange and red undertones, an excellent option to keep it in pink frames and tones. 

Graphic cat eye

A pop of pink color can create a striking look as an addition to the graphic cat eye. A touch of bright pink will accentuate the cat eye, delivering a fabulous and fancy makeup look.