Did you know that one third of babies are delivered by caesarean section? *Although cesarean sections are very common procedures, they are still surgery, which means extensive recovery. If you find yourself in a C-section moms club, here are some tips to make your recovery easier.

Do You Have Some Support

Whether that person is a father, grandmother, aunt, or all of the above, the sooner you accept their help, the more likely you are to feel better. Before your baby is born, give them a list of things you need help with so they know what to do and you don't have to tell them when you already have a baby. The list can include the following:

● changing diapers

● baby bath

● cook

● door to door pick up

● take care of your baby so you can take a bath

Eat Clean Food

For about a week, your abdominal muscles will have very little function. This means it's important to be able to go to the bathroom easily and not feel bloated. You also don't get much rest, so fueling your body with delicious food can make a world of difference.

Go regularly

Because you need to rebuild these abs, it's important to do some light exercise every day to keep you from becoming stiff and rebuild these muscles. Plus, if possible, exercising outdoors can also help improve your mood!

Get a cinch/binder

Postpartum wraps will help you a lot during your first week. You don't really control the muscles at first, and the belly glue will hold everything for you until your stomach gets stronger.

Plan a lot of time in one place

Set up a station on your bed, recliner, or wherever you spend most of your time. Add the following:

● a cell phone charger

● Fabric

● wipes and diapers

● water bottle

● nipple cream (if you are breastfeeding)

● Nursing pads

● Snacks

Stay up-to-date on pain relief

Your doctor will prescribe pain medication, which you can alternate with ibuprofen. take it! Don't miss an hour. The more you are on it, the better you will feel. I had to set an alarm to wake me up to pick them up. I ended up needing more than the doctor initially prescribed and she was happy to give me more. Your level of pain will depend on your pain tolerance and pre-surgery health. Some women feel better in a week or two, and for some it's four weeks. Give yourself enough time and patience, and take it easy on yourself for the next month or so. You have that mom!

The thought of a cesarean section may seem scary or make you nervous. This is normal! Take a break, many women have gone ahead of you and won. You can do this! Hope these tips are helpful to you. Leave a comment and let us know which one helped you the most.


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