The 1970s were a time of many different and unique fashion styles. As far as jeans were important at the time, flared jeans marked the decade. Flared jeans, paired with flared-sleeve tops and platform boots, were the most popular item in fashion and quickly became a major cultural icon of the era.


In today's modern world, flared pants are making a comeback. They are widely used today because they offer the opportunity to explore different jeans shapes and create different silhouette looks. It's important to mention that today's people are looking for comfort, and loose flared pants in their various forms are just one suitable option.


For those of you ready to try flared jeans and look at yourself with a new retro look, here are some styling tips and advice on how to get the most out of flared jeans and look sleek and modern.


Black with color


This is a styling trick that applies to many fashion-forward outfits, not just flared jeans. Of course black is for summer, so why not wear black flared jeans? If you want to keep the all-black look, opt for a pop of color for a bag or layered piece. This is how you can showcase flared pants in style and style.


Plain earth tones


No matter the season, earth tones are always trendy and stylish. These colors make the outfit simple and elegant. A head-to-toe outfit in earth tones is one option you can't go wrong with. If you want to incorporate flared jeans, pair it with a low-cut cardigan. As for color, army green is always a good choice.


Under the dress


It might sound bold and challenging, but that's because it is. Reserved only for the bravest and those willing to try something new and different, flared jeans can at least create a unique look under a dress.


Print combination


Flared pants and pants come in different varieties. Particular emphasis was placed on casual and loungewear, which emerged and became sought-after options. Wearing these pants with a matching shirt full of prints will create a stylish look. And they're not just reserved for families, you can wear them proudly too.


Tailored pants


Flared pants are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a sleek, sophisticated look during the workday. Pair it with a tailored blazer and bow-tie shirt and let the flared pants tell their story. This denim-inspired look is casual yet formal.


These styling tips will have you introducing flares and jeans into your normal outfit in no time.