Just like in fashion, the beauty and skincare department is subject to changing trends. These trends, today invented and shown on social media platforms, can quickly turn into something big. Whether it includes some new technique or a new product, women are especially eager and willing to try them out, all with the final goal of having great, youthful, and healthy-looking skin.

As we are at the begging of 2023, there is no better way than now to make a list of the top skincare trends that are already set to be big this year. Take a look at what is trending in the world and see for yourself whether it will suit your skincare routine ad regimen.

1. Psycodermatology

What was so far unknown is that there is a connection between mental health and its effects on the skin. Anxiety and stress elevate cortisol levels which can lead to many different effects on the metabolism. What this means in terms of skin is increased blood sugar, poor sleeping, and dehydrated and stressed-out skin. However, brands today are supporting the natural look of the skin and a healthy lifestyle, which promotes the new trend of psycodermatology.


2. ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate

The new anti-aging ingredient that is making waves in the skincare department is adenosine triphosphate. As an ingredient, its boosts collagen production, which results in younger-looking skin. It is a much-needed source for the cells and cell processes and provides energized and rejuvenated skin.


3. Prebiotics and probiotics

The prebiotics and probiotics support the healthy skin barrier, balance the microbiome, preventing infections. They also help with the pH balance, which helps preserve the important bacteria that live on the skin.


4. “Unclean” beauty

Clean beauty is still a big and not enough explored topic, which is why dermatologists suggest looking for products that are suitable for your skin. Since the term clean can refer to many other definitions like vegan, ethical, etc, it is best to look for products without any harsh chemicals in them.

5. Slugging

Slugging is a trend that suggests doing your full evening skincare routine and then applying a thin layer of Vaseline. It is a great way to reinforce the skin barrier, and improve the hydration and overall look of the skin.


6. Dermatologists-founded brands

Expert-founded brands are definitely on the rise. These are the brands that are founded by dermatologists, who have combined all the information with science and their knowledge. However, finding the right brand and products is still a challenging thing since that particular set of products might not be suitable for the particular skin type. So, deep and diligent research is more than needed.


7. Broccoli Seed Oil

The "it" vegetable making the waves in the skincare department is broccoli. It is full of fatty acids, that are great for hydration and healing of inflamed scaly skin. The broccoli seed oil is full of antioxidants, which help in treating inflammation and prevents sun damage.