NYFW has set the spring/summer 2023 trends


After almost two years of pause cause of the pandemic, the autumn NYFW has returned this year and it has been something that everyone was waiting for. The opportunity to dress up and to see live what the new fashion trends bring was truly something that many needed. Although we might now be entering the fall season, the fashion industry is always a season in front. That means that this NYFW was all about the spring/summer 2023 fashion trends. From a general point of view, the overall impression of the tone was channeling the fun and excitement to be outside of the house, dressing up again, and letting loose again.


With that being said, it is more than expected to see a lot of party clothes in the spring/summer 2023 fashion season. These party clothes were channeled through the bustier bodices, elegant evening wear, fabrics like tulle, and so on. Another important theme besides parting was back to the office wear. The fashion trends presented lots of oversized blazers, layered shirts, sweaters, crisp blouses, and skirts.


So, without further ado, here is everything that the spring and summer 2023 season holds for fashion lovers.

Strings on things


According to the fashion trends, next spring-summer season will be all about the details of laces. This is something that comes as a novelty since many have simply forgotten that laces can be a part of the fashion clothes instead only of shoes. This type of lacing includes everything from corset-like lacing to long dangling pieces of fabric, tassels, and so on.


Bell Du Jour


Another big trend for the next spring-summer season is the volume of fashion pieces. This time, the focus is set with a bit of a Parisian vibe. In those terms, the trends suggest implementing mega flamenco sleeves, bell bottoms, and flared dress silhouettes that will reinvent the look and the outfit.

Deconstructed reality


The truest and most precise definition of this fashion trend is a current aesthetic that is full of slashed, twisted parts, and cut-outs and makes the clothes work around the body so that they accentuate all the right places. From fashion runways, there were lots of Gothic-inspired pieces that deliver this vibe through the black and sheer garments.


Luxe in the focus


Starting the new year means not forgetting about the luxurious looks that make the outfits one of a kind. That includes lush fabrics and trimmings. For the most luxurious looks, next season look for pieces in satin, silk, and details like feathers and other embellishments that will elevate the look.


Chic in cargo style


The return of the cargo style has come as a fresh version of the classic utilitarian style. For a simple yet noticeable change, keep it clean and minimalist which will best blend the chicness in the cargo.


Happy colors

Bright, bold, and neon colors will continue to dominate in the warmer season. The most popular will be monochromatic suiting styles in pink, lime green, lavender, and vibrant orange.