If You Like Sultry Style


The sultry accent on the fashion outfits is nothing new. Although it might be more exposed and dominant during the warmer season, there is still room and place to flaunt it in the winter. Looking hot during the colder temperatures is possible, and the sultry style is one option. This style and the beauty of the so-called sensuous look is what the designers are embracing this season, considering the comfort and the whimsy look. 

Sex appeal continues to be a leading topic in fashion and the entertainment industry. Even those not so open about this style will find a way to flaunt it by keeping it more low-key. Here are some great style inspirations looks you can exhibit throughout the year.


Exposed underwear and netted fabric

The exposed underwear and netted fabric trend are also known as a "shipwreck" trend. It first appeared as a combination of woven and netted fabrics in skirts, dresses, and separates. All of them allow you to choose the lingerie that will remain the focus of the entire outfit. With this trend, it is essential to keep the undergarments subtle. That way, they will look low-key yet be accentuated. Think of the exposed bra, for instance. Pair it with oversized pieces that make the trend more wearable and suitable for every day. 

Unexpected cutouts

The cutouts continue to be one of the biggest trends this season. The new trend, however, presents them with new and unpredictable places. For example, look for pieces showing a bit of the hipbone, ribcage, or sternum. Layering is an excellent way of making the cutout more exposed, which will luxuriously highlight them. 


Corsetry has been in and out of fashion for a long time, and the new fresh version of 2023 makes it a high-fashion by bringing unexpected fabrics and details. With this type of fashion garment, it is best to let the fantasy do its work and create looks for the evening. It will deliver a great silhouette with a corset worn over a dress or paired with a skirt with volume. 

Lingerie-inspired designs

As suggested by fashion experts and critics, the secret of this trend is to make lingerie-inspired pieces look like less. That means paying attention to the fabrics that will work with the rest of the outfit. The idea is to look like you have just gotten out of bed. A full lace bodysuit is a great item for layering underneath the rest of the outfit, giving just a pick of the lace and leaving the rest to the imagination. 

Micro hemlines

The return of the short lengths comes just right in time for spring 2023. This trend's purpose and accent are to show mini sizes, exposing the legs and providing them with a visually elongated effect.