Weddings are one of the formal events that allow experimenting and dressing in some clothes that you don't get to wear too often during the year. Especially for women, weddings are an opportunity to reinvent your look, make a splash with some new style and show a side that many might have not seen. Summer and spring weddings are easy in terms of fashion and fashion choices. A dress and sandals usually do the work and provide a great look. But what happens when the wedding or the reception is in the winter, with snow outside and freezing temperatures? Winter weddings usually follow an event dress code, but there are also several important factors that need to be considered such as suitable warm clothes, closed-toe shoes, suitable coats, etc.

All of these factors can really be hard to navigate especially if you are looking for a balance between wanting to look chic and staying warm. So, if you are looking for what to wear to a winter wedding and still look as good as you would during the warmers months, here are several suggestions that you can make work into your personal style.


Velvet is one of the fabrics that is reserved for the colder seasons. It is shiny and heavy, definitely something that is not great for the hot summer days. This is the type of fabric that adds a dose of luxury and glamour to the outfit and the style. Whether you opt for a velvet dress, skirt, or blazer, or go head-to-toe in velvet, the final result will be winter wedding approved.


Winter florals

If you thought that the florals and the floral patterns are reserved only for the spring and summer seasons, you are wrong. With fashion, everything is allowed. Moreover, there is a special winter floral section of patterns that is just the perfect option for dressing up as a winter wedding guest. The moodier patterns and the muted colors that are based on darker shades and heavier fabrics make a wonderful option for delivering a stunning look.

Dress + furry coat

This is definitely a celebrity-inspired look, which will serve as a great inspiration for the winter wedding guest dressing. A dress might not sound just the right option for the chilly weather, but the addition of a heavy, cozy, and furry coat will add the warmth that your body will need with the power to make the entire outfit look stylish and chic.


Long sleeves

The long sleeves are what provide extra coverage and warmth to the body in the colder months. This can be used as a starting point in choosing a fashionable dress for the winter wedding. A mini dress with voluminous arms is just one of the options that are very appropriate.


All black

You can never go wrong with wearing all black. Whether it is the LBD, or a blazer and pant combo, black is the perfect color and option for a winter wedding polished look.