In the beauty and makeup department, just like in fashion, everything is allowed. The makeup, the techniques, and the approaches are defined as a unique form of art, which allows one person to express themself. In terms of makeup, it is not about finding the right style and the look that will become a go-to look, but experimenting and thinking outside of the box.

Although the holiday season might be behind us, the latest trends suggest that you make every possible weekend a holiday-inspired one, of course, with that particular type of makeup. Going a step further, introducing something unexpected colors and details will easily help you nail a look that will be more than eye-catching.

What is particularly trending lately is chrome and glitter makeup. And there is no better way to channel the holiday vibe than with these two options. Everything that comes in glitter and chrome instantly gets a luxurious and elevated look, something that we have all been missing for a long time. If you still do not know how to best wear this holiday trend, here are some makeup suggestions that you can try out starting next weekend.

Embrace new textures

Being afraid of the unknown will not set you free and make you step out of your comfort zone. As the experts say, glitter is a state of mind. This means that you can be chic with just a little bit of addition of glitter in the inner corner of the eye. Another great way is to add a thin liner. Be comfortable with the textures, and after that, you can start experimenting with different colors.


It is all about the application

When it comes to chrome and glitter lids, it is all about the perfect placement. For making the eyes pop, the best placement is to apply it on the inner corner of the eyes. It gives a glamorous and festive look. Or, the lower lid is also a great way to capture the shape of the eyes.

Upgrade your eyeliner technique

Mastering the art of eyeliner is what will define the entire makeup look. When it comes to using glitter and chrome, start with the glitter liner that will give your eyes a shape. Finish with mascara and a black pencil of the waterline.


Experiment with free forms

Accepting makeup as a form of art, and introducing colors to the process means that you are on a good way to breaking from the traditional thinking about makeup rules. This is what allows playing with makeup, without planning and creating something unique. His can best be done with glitter, which allows reinventing shapes and looks.


No age barrier

Glitter and chrome are not reserved only for young people. On the contrary, just the right amount of glitter and the suitable color can work wonders into creating a subtle and pretty look for any age.