Almost everyone tends to overdo it when it comes to achieving the perfect look. Most of us strive to exaggerate our makeup look, whether it's the amount of foundation, mascara, or lipstick. While there's nothing wrong with that, the minimalist look is easier to achieve and more versatile.

But if you like a minimalist look, don't worry; we've got you covered!

First, let's take a deeper look at a minimal makeup look.


Minimalist Makeup: What's So Special?

A minimalist look focuses on bringing out your natural makeup more clearly. In addition, this look has only a little makeup, just using less fancy cosmetics.

It can also be seen as a look that expresses a carefree look, with little or no focus on products that completely change your look. This way, the eye doesn't use unnatural colors like purple, black, or green but focuses mainly on bringing out your beauty.

This is also why most people gravitate towards a minimalist approach - it doesn't require much effort and comes naturally. In addition, because of the time involved, this shape is even more special. Makeup can be done in a few minutes at most.

Creating a Minimalist Makeup Look: Steps to Follow

First, creating a minimal look is relatively easy and takes less time than achieving a traditional look. If you want to create a minimalist look, following these steps might help you.

1. First, apply a moisturizer. Make sure your moisturizer leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Also, make sure the moisturizer you use won't negatively affect your skin.

2. Follow with a foundation with less coverage or, better yet, a tinted moisturizer. You can apply it lightly with a soft brush or even your fingertips. Just cover any areas that need special attention—under the eyes and on the cheekbones.

3. After applying foundation, you can use concealer to cover dark circles. It is highly recommended to blend the entire combination with a brush.

4. You can use a natural powder or even an eyebrow pencil for the eyes. All you have to do is use a natural color that doesn't accentuate your eyes. Using unnatural colors will only detract from the natural beauty of the table.

5. To highlight the eyes, draw a thin line with black or brown eyeliner.

6. You can also paint some on your lips with brightly colored lipstick.

The purpose of a minimalist look is to bring out the beauty of nature, so any excessive decoration should be avoided. After following the tips above, you'll create the perfect look and be ready for your night out or any other occasion!


What makeup essentials do you need?

A simple makeup look doesn't always need the most luxurious products. However, if you want to look good without overdoing it, the products listed above may help.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation

For foundations, you have a variety of options to choose from. However, you can snag Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation on Amazon for about $65. This can be very resourceful, especially since this foundation is relatively light.

Ilia Infinity Lash Extension Mascara

If you have no preference, you can use this mascara. Infinite Lash Extension Mascara can do wonders for your eyes. For just $28, you can make your eyes stand out even more. This product has received rave reviews and will likely complete your overall look.

Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer SPF 27

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer is an excellent concealer that protects you from the sun. It costs around $75, but it's worth every penny. You can use a different concealer if desired, but this one deserves praise as it works on most skin types.

Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil

Merit Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil is an excellent choice for your lips. This product is even more helpful because it enhances your look without compromising the natural color of your lips. It emphasizes the natural beauty of your lips for a luxurious look. Plus, it's only $24 and can be easily purchased online.

Final verdict

A minimalist makeup look certainly has its benefits. However, if you want to implement this functionality, this article will help in several ways.