10 Fall Fashion Trends We Can Get Behind in 2022


Fall is here, and as the days get shorter and the air gets cooler; one thing that’s worth celebrating is the fall fashion season arriving once and for all. Not only are there new styles and looks everywhere but there are also more to work with in layers, jackets, outwear, long pants, boots, etc. etc. etc. So let’s talk about our favorite fall fashion trends this year.


Upcycling, Thrifting and Vintage


Individualised style has never been more in fashion, and what could be more unique than something homemade, recycled or from another era? Plus it's good for the environment! A win for everyone.




We can thank Euphoria for this one, sparkles are in. We’re talking gems and glitter on our faces, clothes, hair and skin. The addition of rhinestones, feathers and other pizazz elements are also making an appearance. What a great time to be crafty.


The 90s


From the vests to the cropped cardigans to the grungy flannels; 90s looks are definitely popular right now! Look to Clueless for inspiration if you’re confused. And we can definitely get behind a fashion trend when butterfly clips and chokers are involved.




Did you pick up a craft hobby during quarantine (who didn’t)? Now’s your time to shine. Crocheted sets, knitted sweaters or hand-sewn dresses are all in fashion right now, the more crafty and unique, the better.


Hoodies under Blazers


We love a practical fashion trend, and this is definitely that. Slim-fit hoodies under oversized blazers are a sleek look while also being warm and comfortable. Perfect for days out in the cold, kicking leaves and sipping hot drinks.




Bubblegum pink is where it’s at. This one ties in nicely with the 90s theme going around, and includes anything you can imagine a Barbie wearing. That’s it, that’s the whole thing. Enjoy!


Oversized Bomber Jackets


Much like the leather jacket, bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere soon. But this time we’re going big with another warm, practical and versatile option. Paired with skinny jeans and a tank, it’s perfect for fall days.


Color Clashing


In case you haven’t gathered, this season isn’t very big on subtlety. Not just bright colors but ones that purposefully mismatch or contrast. Time to break out your color wheel and pair neutrals with fluros, and pastels with solids.


Big Prints


Following along the theme of loud looks, another trend we’re seeing this fall is big patterns, bright patterns and even clashing patterns. The louder the better. Tiger print, brand logos and checkers are all particularly popular this season.




And just in case you’re not quite ready for the cooler weather, maxi dresses and skirts make an appearance just for fall. Floor-length pieces are appearing everywhere from casual day looks to more formal evening wear.