If there is any particular industry that is heavily involved in environmental degradation and water waste on its own, it is fashion. These factors have not only changed the way consumers choose products, but also raised a lot of questions about the sustainability of fashion brands.

However, as the topic became a hot topic, many fashion brands did a U-turn to adopt a more sustainable and innovative approach. If you're looking to improve the environment with your fashion choices, then this article is for you. Read below to learn about the ethical style choices of ten leading sustainable fashion brands.

What Are the Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands for Ethical Style Choices?

If you've decided to live a more sustainable lifestyle and plan to make ethical style choices, we believe the new journey can be complicated. This is because many brands promise sustainability, but sometimes fail to deliver. For your peace of mind, we've rounded up ten of the best sustainable fashion brands for ethical style:

1. Zara


Not only does Zara make one-of-a-kind clothing, but it also works to make its services more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 50% of the products produced by the company belong to the Join Life series.

Made with precision craftsmanship and raw materials, this range helps to reduce negative impact on the environment. Additionally, the company is committed to recycling many of its products and plans to achieve fully sustainable production by 2025.

2. Police

If there's one fashion brand that's completely different from sustainable fashion when it comes to ethical choices, it's Polere. Every product the company makes is either recycled or upcycled. Not only does this make your purchase extremely eco-friendly, but the company's clean designs add a sleek, retro edge.

3. Plant Face Costume

You've probably heard of vegan food, but have you heard of vegan clothing brands? Plant Faced Clothing's main goal is to produce sustainable and ethical products. The company produces high-quality garments that are purchased to last a lifetime. While the company produces ethically sustainable clothing, it also produces packaging made from recycled paper and water-based paint.

4. Armed Angel

Next on our list is Armendangles, another vegan-friendly fashion brand that works tirelessly to create beautiful products in the fashion industry. The main philosophy of the company is to produce environmentally friendly and recyclable products. Often, wool-based products are manufactured with animal cruelty in mind. Every product and design the company develops is top-notch, exceptional and something you absolutely should see.


There is no better shoe than one that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and serves a greater purpose. TOMS is a footwear brand that has transitioned to using 100% sustainable cotton and packaging to ensure its production does not have a severe negative impact on the environment.

In addition to this brilliant approach, TOMS uses at least 80% recycled materials in the manufacture of all of its products. While this is all great, it's not even the best part. Additionally, the company runs one-on-one events. what is it? The company promises consumers that for every pair of shoes they buy, TOMS will give that same pair to a child in need.

6. Levi's


Levi's has always been a brand that considers the environment, ethics, and sustainability in the manufacture of some of its top-of-the-line products. The company's exceptional denim apparel is a testament to the uniqueness of its collections.

The company is taking water conservation measures and plans to reduce water consumption by 80%. As if that wasn't enough, the company is also committed to reducing Levi's greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent at each of its factories.

7. Adidas

Adidas takes small steps towards sustainability every year and expects to use only recycled polyester by 2024 to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

The company is also taking promising steps with water use to ensure that less water is used in the manufacture of its products. While their eco-friendly approach is great, what we love most about Adidas is their approach and commitment to fair labor practices.

8. Sage

Do you want to look stylish and trendy while being sustainable and caring for the environment? If you like this approach and aesthetic, Saaj is one of the leading brands.

Saaj manufactures his boutique clothing lines in Portugal and France, and many of his garments are limited edition and available for a limited time only. So, if you want to get your hands on them, we recommend you check out the companies now.

9. Veja

Veja is a brand that offers great transparency to its clients and maintains an honest relationship with them. The company is committed to creating sustainable and ethical products in an innovative, evergreen and social manner. In addition, they have launched massive campaigns to enforce respected human and labor rights. So if you're crazy about this brand, check it out.

10. Ninety Percent

Ninety percent also place great importance on the sustainability aspects of their companies. The company ensures that only a certain number of clothes are produced, rather than mass-produced. This ensures that no items are missed and that each item can be sold for better use. The company only uses sustainable products of excellent quality for its manufacturing and production.


Ensuring sustainability and making ethical choices is key when choosing clothing or everyday wear. While the concept wasn't as prominent in the past as it is today, we're glad people are now realizing its importance. If you've been looking for quality, sustainable fashion brands with ethical styles, we hope this article was helpful.